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Eels Pro LLC is a Global Leader that specializes in robust services in numerous domains. Our specialists have deep knowledge of their domains and exercise authority in Global community.

Aircraft Engine Test Beds
Aircraft Spare Parts
Calibration Equipment
More About Services

Eels Pro LLC has positioned itself to provide state of the art Equipment for Aviation, Manufacturing and Rebuilding Industries. We are Pleased to offer you a large range of products.

Ground Moving Equipment
Ground Support Equipment
Navigational Support Equipment

Eels Pro LLC has built strong partner relationships with major  vendors in order to bring the right solution to the right place at the right time for the clients.

Contract Vehicles

Eels Pro LLC is a self certified samll business. We are registered with CCR and State Department. We can do business via RRC, Direct Commercial Sales and FMS.

Producing measurable results for the customers

Eels Pro, LLC is a solution provider that specializes in delivering inovative solutions to Commerial and Military customers all around the globe. Headquarted in the United States, Eels Pro has its Partners in Europe, Asia Pacific and United States. Eels Pro has an excellent track record of delivering high quality, cost effective Industrial solutions.

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