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Eels Pro, LLC is a solution provider that specializes in delivering inovative solutions to Commerial and Military customers all around the globe. 

Headquarted in the United States, Eels Pro has its Partners in Europe, Asia Pacific and United States. Eels Pro has an excellent track record of delivering high quality, cost effective Industrial solutions.

In the commercial space, Eels Pro provides end to end services from selecting right equipment, purchasing equipment, delivery, installation, training and after sale support.  We are uniquely placed to assemble teams of experts and establish partnerships directly with the OEM/Vendors and meet new requirements with ever evolving technologies.

In the Military space, Eels Pro has the capability and track record of providing NDT(Non Destructive Testing) equipment and services, industrial equipment, specialized studies for new requirements, Aircraft Parts, Aircraft maintenance services, etc. We are positioned to find the best possible solution in the global market to meet your operational needs.

Eels Pro is a quality conscious company known for Quality Standards.  Our methodologies and processes are in line with SEI CMM standards. Our approach is to build partnerships with the clients to bring solutions to meet their existing and future needs.

The strength of Eels Pro resides in combining the experience and knowledge of both the Client and the Global Industry to bring Systems and Solutions directly from the OEM/Vendors with timely and competitive offering.


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